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Ing. Jan Bareš, lcp0dctguBxgigvdcpf0e%7C
12 Jun, 2007, Prague

I am an experienced developer, analyst, programmer and team leader. My experience is not confined to Jana and C++ languages and Windows operating system; I have good a knowledge of other languages and systems. I accept long both a term and a short term work, as a freelance or as an employee.

For a longer period I was working as a team leader of a small group of experienced programmers. The team, due to its efficiency, was able to manage work of big softwarehouses, for instance development of JPCAD (2D CAD replacement of AutoCAD). I always try to prepare a good analysis of a problem, learn from failures and successes of our competitors, define comprehensible interfaces with minimal dependencies on chosen language or system and divide the work in a way, so that the key parts could be tested as soon as possible.

I am accustomed to work with international partners including working abroad. The communication can be held solely in English language, from the initial introduction of the problem, through the analysis and solution, to the product, including documentation.

I am able to acquire new technologies quickly and I know how to use the power of the Internet to gain information or help. I always try to understand the internal structure of software and hardware, keep eye on the latest trends. All this allows me to choose optimal solutions that match the needs of the client.

Due to my persistence and shrewdness I can locate and solve hidden or badly reproducible bugs (for instance bugs in compilers, in 3rd party libraries, bugs that appear only on end user computers). As an evidence of my ability may e.g. serve the success in finding and fixing a bug in VS.NET 7.0/7.1 debugger which was appreciated by Andy Pennell, Visual Studio Dev leader.


For more information please refer to my curriculum vitae and the list of projects.

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