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Maven command line options

I did not found a page with Maven 2 command line options. The command line options can be obtained with:
mvn --help.
Here is output for maven 2.1.0:

usage: mvn [options] [<goal(s)>] [<phase(s)>]

 -q,--quiet                        Quiet output - only show errors
 -C,--strict-checksums             Fail the build if checksums don't match
 -c,--lax-checksums                Warn if checksums don't match
 -P,--activate-profiles            Comma-delimited list of profiles to
 -amd,--also-make-dependents       If project list is specified, also
                                   build projects that depend on projects on the list
 -ff,--fail-fast                   Stop at first failure in reactorized
 -rf,--resume-from                 Resume reactor from specified project
 -fae,--fail-at-end                Only fail the build afterwards; allow
                                   all non-impacted builds to continue
 -B,--batch-mode                   Run in non-interactive (batch) mode
 -am,--also-make                   If project list is specified, also
                                   build projects required by the list
 -fn,--fail-never                  NEVER fail the build, regardless of
                                   project result
 -emp,--encrypt-master-password    Encrypt master security password
 -ep,--encrypt-password            Encrypt server password
 -up,--update-plugins              Synonym for cpu
 -N,--non-recursive                Do not recurse into sub-projects
 -npr,--no-plugin-registry         Don't use ~/.m2/plugin-registry.xml for
                                   plugin versions
 -gs,--global-settings             Alternate path for the global settings
 -U,--update-snapshots             Forces a check for updated releases and
                                   snapshots on remote repositories
 -cpu,--check-plugin-updates       Force upToDate check for any relevant
                                   registered plugins
 -npu,--no-plugin-updates          Suppress upToDate check for any
                                   relevant registered plugins
 -V,--show-version                 Display version information WITHOUT
                                   stopping build
 -D,--define                       Define a system property
 -X,--debug                        Produce execution debug output
 -e,--errors                       Produce execution error messages
 -f,--file                         Force the use of an alternate POM file.
 -h,--help                         Display help information
 -o,--offline                      Work offline
 -pl,--projects                    Build specified reactor projects
                                   instead of all projects
 -r,--reactor                      Dynamically build reactor from
 -s,--settings                     Alternate path for the user settings
 -v,--version                      Display version information

Also when you have troubles with maven, you can use maven-help-plugin to the rescue.