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Simple small scientific calculator


jCalc is simple scientific calculator that can be used as replacement for standard Windows calculator. jCalc works with natural expression syntax (sample: 1+sin(pi)) and with numbers in different bases. Programmers will find jCalc useful because it can calculate expressions in the same way as C/C++, sample: 1/2=0 but 1.0/2=0.5.

Operating system
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
automatic installation and uninstallation
Supported languages
English, Czech
Latest version
Size of installation
Download (34kB)


jCalc.en.jpg jCalc is case sensitive, so sin is not the same as SIN.
Whitespaces are skipped.

Types of numbers

Binary: 0b1101
Hexadecimal: 0xd
Decimal: 13
Double: 13.0
Character: 'a' or '\n' (see C/C++ language escapes)
Complex: 1.0+5.0i (complex numbers always use doubles)

Type promotion

If you want to use doubles (as the normal calculators do), check the "Use floating point". If this checkbox is not checked jCalc will apply the same rules of type promotion to the expression as it is done in C/C++.

Sample: 3/2=1 while 3.0/2=1.5.

Output modifiers

Output type modifiers apply only to integer results. You can display the result as decimal (default), hexadecimal, binary or character number. Just append the comma and type modifier d for decimal, x for hexadecimal, b for binary number or c for character.

Sample: 10+5,x will display result as hexadecimal number.

Unary operators

+ and - can be used as unary operators.

Sample: -1+-+-1=0

Binary operators (with increasing precedence)

+ -
* / %
^ (2^3=8)

Supported functions

sin() asin() cos() acos() tan() atan() log10() log2() ln() sqrt() abs()
re() im() - real or imaginary part of complex number
rad() - convert to radians
deg() - convert to degrees
The function brackets are mandatory.

Sample: sin(deg(pi))

Supported constants

pi e i

Sample sin(-pi)

You don't have to write * between number and constants, for example 2pi equals 2*pi

To do

Better format of floating point numbers
History of expression (up arrow)
Use right mouse key to mark and paste text
Define new functions


version 1.0.0

First public version.