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javadoc to chm conversion


javadoc2chm is a conversion tool which translates Javadoc documentation to CHM, Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file.

Why to convert JavaDoc to CHM? You may find that user experience with plain HTML javadoc is boring. Converting Javadoc to CHM you will gain: built-in search engine, index, bookmarking and more.


Operating system
Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 with Internet Explorer 4.0 and better
automatic installation and uninstallation
Supported languages
Latest version
Size of installation


version 1.3.1 (Jun 30, 2014)

  • bugfix - some index entries were ommited

version 1.3.0 (Feb 25, 2014)

  • new feature - index compacted
  • bugfix - major speed improvement

version 1.2.1 (Oct 13, 2012)

  • bugfix - support for javadoc generated by JDK 7.0

version 1.2.0 (Jan 21, 2012)

  • bugfix - support for JDK 7.0

version 1.1.0 (May 8, 2007)

  • javadoc2chm works also for Javadoc of single package
  • bugfix - in groovy-1.0 javadoc, CRT crashes when vsprintf_s format string contains "% %"
  • bugfix - anchor was removed from index links

version 1.0.2

Fixed compilation bug, better feedback during index creation

version 1.0.1

Test presence of HHA.DLL, customize title of CHM file

version 1.0.0

First public version.


Nice information. It will be very useful for me. My project is also on java platform and I'll definitely used it in my project.

Would it be okay with you if I linked to this page from my website? Just asking since some people don't allow linking to their sites if you don't take their permission.

Where will you place link to my website?

Any chance you'll be updating this util for Java 7? Looks like Oracle has changed the format a bit and it doesn't quite jive with the current version of the util.

I will look into that but I won't promiss any dates.

Thanks, all i could ask.

Please download new version

I build a JavaDoc on JDK 7 x64. Using javadoc2chm. I got this error:
Cannot open '<...>\doc\overview-frame.html'. You should select index.html in API folder, for instance \docs\api\index.html.
Can you bugfix this.

I like your tool very much! Very good work!

The 1.2.0 version was tested with JDK 7.0 javadoc, I don't think 32/64 bits makes a difference.
Which file you selected as the starting page, the index.html in javadoc root folder? Does the error include full path? If so, does that file exist?

Yes, I selected the index.html in javdoc root folder.
Yes, the error include full path on drive D:\. I shortend it in my message.
Yes, that file exists. I can open the javadoc in my browser without errors.
I use Win7 x64.