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Curriculum vitae



Born 1967, Prague, nationality: Czech
Mobile: 776 333 676
E-mail: lcp0dctguBxgigvdcpf0e%7C

Position sought and goal

Position sought
Team leader, potentially senior analyst/developer, using any of my skills
Utilize individual skills of team members to fulfill given goals. Focus on key concepts of solution, follow and where appropriate use new standards, tools and development process methodologies


Team leadership
Leadership of team of 11 developers through full development cycle (analysis, implementation, testing, deployment, support)
Communication skills
Communication on different levels, communication in English language
Knowledge of standards
Knowledge of internal implementation of standards and libraries, knowledge of their weak and strong points
Thorough, persistent, hard working


Programming languages
Java (6+ yrs), C/C++ (10+ yrs), various dynamic languages, SQL, Prolog
Java EE Servers and Technologies
IBM WebSphere 6.x, JBoss 4.x, EJB 3.x, Wicket, JSP, Struts, Ant, Maven
Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, (JDBC, OLE DB, ODBC standards)
Development tools
Eclipse, Subversion, CVS, Hudson, FindBugs, MS Visual Studio .NET
C/C++ libraries and API
Operating systems
Windows, Unix/Linux + Solaris (partially)
XML/XSLT, html, http protocol, Windows Installer (msi)

Career history

I have worked as a freelance programmer for all my professional career.
work for WOOD & Company, as senior developer on Calypso Trading Platform. Responsibilities: Development and configuration of Calypso Trading Platform, runtime support, performance analysis and tuning. Calypso Trading Platform is leading product in reliable and scalable cross-asset trading, risk management and operations platform for derivatives and treasury products. It is built on Java client-server architecture backed with Oracle database, running on Solaris OS.
work for IPS s.r.o., as a team leader (team of 11 developers and testers). Responsibilities: work assessment, reporting progress, assessment of developers, quality of implementation, fulfillment of delivery dates, handover of solution. - Development and delivery of system G2 for and, the Czech Republic’s leading job boards. System G2 is built on Java EE platform on IBM WebSphere and DB2. System G2 is integrated with other parts including for instance SOAP web services, data warehouse and PHP.
2005-today (maintenance)
work for DMK Consulting as team and project leader (team of 2 developers). Responsibilities: analysis, implementation, delivery and support. - Development and support for portal - electronic and printed greeting cards. The services is implemented on Java EE platform: presentation (framework Wicket), business (JBoss 4.x, EJB 3.0) and database (PostgreSQL).
work for Gredi s.r.o as team leader (team of 3 developers). Responsibilities: analysis, implementation, support.- The Gredi company implements informational system MODIS for local government of Prague 1. System MODIS uses Java EE and Oracle database to solve complex tasks of the local government office.
work for Jaron IT Solutions s.r.o., as senior developer. Responsibilities: independent solution for modules based on customer needs. -The Jaron company develops solutions on J2EE platform for on-line marketing, base line product is PopulariX, affiliate network system (in Czech localization known as Potenza).
work for ANTEK CS, spol. s r.o., as Chief Executive Officer (1995 - 2000), developer, project and team leader (team of 4 developers). Responsibilities: implementation and delivery of solutions, sale in Czech Republic. - The ANTEK CS company is a subsidiary of AAD srl, Italy, whose main focus is on CAD, low/high voltage electrical engineering and more. AAD supplies the products to ABB Sace (Italy), BTicino (Italy), Legrand (Italy, France), Vimar (Italy), Moeller and to others, it also successfully sells ElettroRapido. In 1993-1995 work for AB Studio, development of modules for CADKON, CAD software for the building industry
work for Siemens AG in Vienna, system for radio broadcast processing on UNIX platform


Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, subject field: electronic computers, concentraion on computer graphics, acquired title: Ing.
High school study concentration on mathematics


Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 certification


fluent (long term cooperation with foreign partners)


Marital status: married
Health: good
Driving license: B
Interests: (Music, hiking, mountain bike