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Maven command line options

I did not found a page with Maven 2 command line options. The command line options can be obtained with:
mvn --help.
Here is output for maven 2.1.0:

Subversion mergeinfo


Mergeinfo the versioned property svn:mergeinfo, is the history of merges made into a given file or directory.

Drupal - The server can't issue HTTP requests

I don't regularly check the status of my Drupal server so only after several weeks I realized that Status Report says The server can't issue HTTP requests. It was clear that Status update module doesn't work correctly. When I tried to fix this problem, I have to fight several unrelated problems:

Eclipse 3.4 and new update manager Equinox p2

Eclipse 3.4 ships with two update managers, Equinox p2 and old update manager. There has been lot of comments about p2 and it's immaturity.

Drupal and safe mode

Drupal 6.x with small modification can also be used on servers with Safe Mode ON (safe_mode=1). Standard distribution of Drupal doesn't support Safe Mode out of the box. Joomla has support already build-in. Safe Mode ON can be bypassed with FTP directory functions.


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