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Text editor with support for large files

This is a comparison of text editor that support large files.

Java debugger cannot show last return value

It seems that Java debugger protocol (JVMTI) hasn't got good support for access to return value of function. This feature is supported for instance in Microsoft Visual C++, it is usually shown in the "variable's view" as a pseudo variable. The access to return value should be implemented in Java 6.0 (JDWP, JDI: Add return value to Method Exit Event), but it is inefficient and it requires setting up method tracing on method exits to be able to obtain the return value.

Do you trust FindBugs results?

Static analysis tools may find code smell. But sometimes some trivial smells are not detected. For instance when you compile with Java 6.0 or Eclipse 3.4, FindBugs v1.3.8 will not find anything suspicious in this method:

Eclipse debugger can change final primitive value

Eclipse debugger, at least version 3.4.x, allows changing final primitive value. Classes like Boolean or Integer are build upon immutability, so any change of the immutable field will have insidious effect on all the places where the same instance is used:

More readable log for complex Ant outputs with XmlLogger

When your build.xml is complex, it is not easy to read default Ant log output and understand which tasks are currently on the stack. You can use XmlLogger to the rescue (also works in Eclipse 3.4):

ant -logger -logfile build_log.xml
(Details can be found at Ant listener)

Java Quick Start freezes IE tabs

For longer time I experiences unpleasant slow freeze of IE 7.0 each time I opened link in new tab and also closing IE took 20 and more seconds to finish.

Java collator and spaces

The Java default collation rules ignore whitespaces. This is unfortunate because for instance Czech collation rules include spaces. The RuleBaseCollator uses CollationRules.DEFAULTRULES (SUN specific) and appends locale specific rules at the end. The default rules uses spaces in second order comparison. This can be fixed with two solutions:

ORM basic ideas and random thoughts

Bellow are some basic information about OR mappers and random thoughts.

Efficient use of Eclipse Java Search

The documentation for Eclipse Java Search is quite brief; bellow is a guide for efficient use.

C/C++ command line parsers

Here is a list of some command line parsers:

  • Anyoption - simple and small but no types - all options are parsed as strings. Also no support for arguments without option.
  • TCLAP - heavy, uses stdlib, support for types, extensive documentation
  • SimpleOpt - small but ugly, no types


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